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Vele is a high quality grain hide which has been carefully milled to bring out the natural look of the leather. It is finished with a super soft pigmented topcoat, and has a smooth silky touch. No artificial grain print has been used, so the hide has a smooth natural look with a variation in grain density. Vele hides offer excellent light fastness and stain resistance, and are easily maintained.

Leather Care

Vele is easily cleaned. Usually all that will be required is a wipe over with a damp cloth, If necessary a pure mild soap solution will remove more stubborn stains. Care should be taken not to soak the leather. Detergents should not be used as these may damage the leather surface. A number of proprietary cleaners can be purchased, but we recommend that these are tried on the underside of cushions or in an area of the suite that is not normally seen, to check compatibility before use.

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